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"What sets Ideateam apart from other bands is that they’re a force to be reckoned with, whether as an instrumental band or with a singer. It’s not hard to imagine that if Tower of Power, Larry Graham, Eddie Kendricks and Lettuce had birthed a baby, Ideateam would be that spawn." - Submerge Magazine (article by Paul Piazza)
"[...] expecting the funk in its purest primordial form: A confluence of tight, technical tunes dripping with that amalgam of mud and forest floor, where spores rise of their own accord and you have no choice but to sit and sully your blue-and-white dress to consider the mushroom, to heed the nearby placard reading: “Eat me.”

-  Dave Kempa, Sacramento News & Review

"This ten piece ensemble from Sacramento became a local’s favorite the first time they hit our stage. What’s not to like about hypnotic rhythms, a four-piece section of funky horns and captivating melodies? Throw in the commanding stage presence and velvety vocals of Julian Cunningham and you have a serious force of nature. As soon as these grooves hit your ears, there is no choice but to surrender to the dance floor. Ideateam is touring behind their new album, locked and loaded with fresh material to ignite all of our senses." - Tyler Blue of Crazy Horse Saloon, Nevada City, CA

Ideateam at Harvest House, Denton, TX. Photo by Parke Moore
Ideateam backstage at their 'Kinetic' album release, Harlow's, Sacramento, CA. Photo by Paul Piazza
Ideateam at Harvest House, Denton, TX. Photo by Parker Moore
Julian Cunningham of Ideateam at Harvest House, Denton, TX. Photo by Parker Moore


Ideateam is a 10-piece ensemble driven to fuse influences together in a fresh way. Loaded with two guitars, bass, drums, percussion, brass section, and soulful vocals, the group explores the corridors of groove while flipping through styles like a deck of cards, flowing in and around various genres and noticeably leaning on the funk. They bring sounds old and new, blended with a drop or two of extraterrestrial soundscapes - presented by a group of people who simply love to play music.

Ideateam has shared the stage with several festival and tour circuit favorites (Dragon Smoke, Orgone, Polyrhythmics, Kyle Hollingsworth Band, Monophonics, Rubblebucket, Scott Pemberton Band...) and has been honored to open for legends such as Bernard Purdie and The Headhunters.

Ideateam’s debut album '&?!' (And What Now) landed in 2014 and contains original instrumental groove fusion. Their second full-length album 'Moving Still' hit October 2016 introducing vocals into the offerings.

With the landing of Ideateam's third full-length studio album 'KINETIC' in May 2018, we are seeing the payoff of the collective effort and energy the band has been putting in for more than 6 years. Polished and seething with soul and funk, Kinetic displays a maturing of their music, and begs to be replayed once the listener hears it through.

With eyes set on the horizon, Ideateam seeks to continue evolving the live experience they are quickly becoming known for, and further cultivating a positive connection with people through music.

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